Sandigan Ship Services, Inc.


The purpose of the programs is to establish young, well trained and disciplined seafarers to become future officers of the company.


Cadets are graduates of maritime schools/institutions recognized by the government. Given the proper motivation and training both on board and onshore, they will qualify as officers someday. The orientation and training of cadets is under the responsibility of the officers onboard quarterly evaluation report shall be rendered to evaluate their performance and suitability to the maritime profession.

Recruitment and Selection

The Crewing Department shall be responsible in recruiting of cadets.
Cadets are selected from maritime schools that are recognized by the Commission on Higher Education
Cadet shall pass all assessment tests both written and oral conducted by the company.

Qualification Standard

The following is the entry standard for a cadet:
Not more than 23 years old.
Student of BS Marine Transportation/BS Marine Engineering from Government recognized Maritime School.
Of good moral character.


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